Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 11 - Redding to Sacramento, California

For Tuesday, September 13

Waking up in a motel room in Redding, the morning was a little unusual for this trip. With electricity and some Internet access, it was time to copy hundreds of photos off the camera and make some backups of the photos I have so far. It was good to have that done. But it resulted in a late start for a day of traveling.

I learned of an interesting foot bridge in Redding. So I went to check that out. The Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River is pretty cool. There are markers on the lawn that match the time of day (in season).

Sundial Bridge in Redding CA

Sundial shadow across the lawn
Sundial Bridge in Redding CA

Sundial Bridge in Redding CA

Sundial Bridge in Redding CA

After a quick visit to the bridge, I set out to find Bethel Church. Since it was a Tuesday, I expected things to be quiet. But, it turned out it was the first day of school for their various schools. There were young adults from many states, including the Midwest. With the big crowds, I decided to skip trying to go inside. Perhaps I can visit some other time. They have some good things happening there. But we have much of it at my own church. So I left and finally got out of Redding after noon.

Bethel Church in Redding CA

With potential auto repair places south and slightly east from Redding, I took back roads south. I had mostly been avoiding the interstate freeways anyway. I saw some more fields filled with volcanic rock (I think). The dark rocks contrasting with light grasses were interesting, to my eyes anyway.

Field rocks east of Redding CA

Field rocks east of Redding CA

I got to see quite a few orchards of various types. I probably should have stopped. Within California I wouldn't have to worry about the state border checks where they take away any fresh fruits and vegetables from out of state.

Central California orchard

Here is a little video of traveling through a couple orchards. I tossed together a little guitar, drums, and bass so you can listen to something other than wind noise with the video.

It was 4:00 p.m. by the time I got to the Mazda dealer in Yuba City. It was too late. And I got the impression they may have only had one Mazda mechanic, with everyone else specializing in GM vehicles. Rather than hang around there, I headed south to the next possibility.

In Roseville, California, near Sacramento, I arrived late in the day. But I was able to schedule an appointment for the next morning. And I had some confidence they had Mazda expertise.

I stayed fairly close by that night at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area campground. There were plenty of open campsites here on a week night. There were a few wild turkeys (animals).

Turkey in Sacramento CA

With the hope of the car being fixed at reasonable cost, I considered potential destinations for the rest of Wednesday as I fixed a meal over the fire. The night was mostly uneventful except for some male couple arguing loudly for a while during the night, perhaps on the trail near the campground. San Francisco wasn’t too far away.

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