Sunday, 10 April 2011

Western Churches are Getting "Fixed"

It appears western churches over 40 years old, and many much younger, are getting "fixed".

Churches often have their tubes tied or get a vasectomy, so to speak. They no longer have an interest in reproducing. The idea of daughter (or son) churches is no longer appealing. They just want to concentrate on enjoying themselves, focusing on themselves, and get rid of the risk that their comfortable lives might be disrupted by having children and a greater legacy. They want to be an institution rather than a living organism.

Obviously, the official church literature will not say that. But the church budget might.

Healthy, living churches reproduce fertile churches that continue to grow and reproduce for generations to come. Where churches reproduce, the regional church overall can grow 20% or more each year.

Of the hundreds of churches in your region, how many churches over age 20 do you know that have young daughter churches? I only know of one, many miles away in Iowa.

Note: Huge elephant churches' going multi-site is not equal to them having children. Huge elephant churches like Eagle Brook in Lino Lakes, Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, Bethel in Redding, Willow Creek near Chicago, etc. do not reproduce easily, if ever. But small rabbit churches can reproduce cheaply and often all over the world.

Also, church splits (divorces) do not have the benefits like having a healthy daughter church. With a split, the potential goes down, at least temporarily, for a group of people. They are too distracted with feeling hurt and bitter.

Like nearly everything in nature, having church offspring is the way for sustainable health and growth. Most of the world understands this. We in the States and Europe are learning slowly.

Your thoughts?